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C.A.R.E. offers the following programs: 


  • Suboxone Maintenance

  • Subutex Maintenance  

  • Vivitrol Maintenance

  • Naltrexone Maintenance

MAT Treatment

I want to stop .... What do I do now?


We have programs designed to balance family, work and treatment


C.A.R.E. our clients have additional challenges or concerns when considering treatment. Balancing work and family demands is challenging enough without the added stress of accommodating treatment sessions. C.A.R.E. offers group and individual sessions that match the client’s needs, including weekend and early morning sessions


A Complete Approach to Treatment:


An integral part of any successful treatment program involves—when appropriate—family and couples therapy to support the client in overcoming the challenge presented by their environment.


Is "Inpatient", "Detox" or "Rehab" right for you?


C.A.R.E. is affiliated with the leading inpatient programs in the country. When inpatient treatment is appropriate for you recovery C.A.R.E will help you select the facility that’s right for you.

12 Step Programs:

We encourage participation in 12 Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. We will help you find a 12 Step program that is convenient to you.

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